Schmid College of Science and Technology

Our research efforts are in the areas of Protein Biophysics, Computational Cancer Biology, Translational Bioinformatics, Computational Medicine and Drug Discovery.
We focus on the development and application of computational biology approaches for (a) system-based analysis of evolutionary, genetic, and molecular signatures of human disease; (b) design and discovery of targeted and personalized cancer therapeutics; (c) integration of computational biology and chemical biology approaches in translational cancer research.

Approach & Technology

Translational Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery

The greatest challenge of the postgenomic era is to understand the function of genes and gene products in multiple organisms –including humans– both from fundamental and applied perspectives. This will ultimately enable the design of new diagnostic tools and pharmacological agents and facilitate efficacious treatment of many pathological processes. These developments are largely guided and … Continue reading “Translational Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery”

Research Highlights

Computational Cancer Biology

The challenge of understanding biological systems at the molecular and systems level as well as the integration of computational and experimental approaches for bridging basic and clinical cancer research is what motivates our vibrant research group. Our scientific interests and research efforts are in the areas of Computational Cancer Biology and Pharmacogenetics, Computational Genomics and … Continue reading “Computational Cancer Biology”